Hi Ray and Kerrie,


Ellie the border collie stayed with you over Christmas and New Years. Judging from the photos on the CD you kindly made for me and my family to enjoy, she thoroughly enjoyed her time there!

I have spread word about your kennels to several families and people with the highest regard; with the huge spaces, low capacity, natural setting and wonderful genuine care, it is definitely the place where you want your dog to be when you’re away.

Ellie also came back extremely fluffy and soft, her coat is amazing. Did you bath her after the flea rinse? I usually use Aloveen shampoo and conditioner, what type do you use?

Once again, thankyou very much for looking after her and if any holidays are planned in the future, I know she’ll enjoy her stay there.



Hi   Lovely photo and many thanks for looking after Tilly.   We don’t often go away without taking Tilly with us, but would definitely use you again when the next time comes.


George has settled in at home really well. Thanks for taking great care of him.



Thanks Ray she looks content licking her chops! She obviously liked what she was eating. Thanks for looking after her. She is a special girl!


Kerrie and Ray looked after our precious Harriett and Spencer for a week and were treated so well. We usually have very anxious dogs on our return but with Kerrie and Ray looking after them this time we came back to happy contented pets who looked and smelled great! Holidays will now be worry free knowing our pets are so well looked after!


Just letting you know how delighted we were to pick up our beloved member of our family Honey to-day after a 3 week plus absence and find her in such excellent condition both mentally and physically. It is really a tribute to you that our ” puppy ” (6yo but always a puppy } was not the least bit stressed and hopped in our car for the ride home without so much as a whimper. Looking at her now stretched out on her bed without a care in the world is great and again thank-you for looking after her so well. Be in touch soon re November, Robert, Lynne & Honey xx


Darnum Haven Boarding Kennels